Platinum SA was incorporated in 2014 as a limited liability company(SA) as the newest member of the Samir Group of companies. Our vision is to provide the Greek consumer with the best solutions for various products from around the world. We aim to be the market leader in the import, distribution, and marketing of various consumer goods and to build leading brands in the pharmaceutical and pet food markets. Platinum SA currently imports and markets Men Only Antiperspirants and Deodorants, a leading brand from Malta. It also imports and distributes Super Max shaving blades, the second largest manufacturer of disposable shaving blades globally. Platinum imports NEXEN passenger car tires from Korea and has a growing portfolio of TBR tires. It currently owns, markets, and distributes its own brand of nutritional supplements to pharmacies within Greece. Platinum also owns its own brand of pet food, which is going to be launched in Ghana, Ivory Coast, UAE, India, and multiple other countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and South America.

Platinum SA strives to provide quality products at competitive prices, while maintaining a commitment to ethical business practices and environmental sustainability. It puts its customers first and believes in the success of sharing profits down the line to the end consumer.