After thorough research, two segments were identified where there was potential to establish more cost effective brands from different countries of Origin.

The first brand to be introduced into Greece market in the year 2015 was "Men Only" Deodorants/cosmetics, which is a Global brand represented in many countries. The product has a distinct advantage over other competitive brands as it is alcohol free, and lasts for 48 hrs due to the improved micro encapsulated fragrance technology. This has been moderately priced against competitors and hence provides a cost effective alternative to the market. This brand has already penetrated into more than 300 retail outlets in Greece and is gaining momentum in terms of establishing itself on long term in Greece market.

The second segment that was identified was Shaving blades, which barely had 3-4 brands represented in Greece. This gap in this segment was a clear indication of scope for another cost effective good brand in Greece. There is none other than "SUPERMAX" blades from India as an option and Platinum SA has quickly taken action to penetrate into this segment to get it's due share