Europe ranks as the second largest market for pet food at a total of 20 billion dollars in sales in 2016. That includes about $4 billion each for Germany, UK and France; $2.6 billion for Germany Italy???, $1.5 billion for Spain, $325 million for the Czech Republic and $150 million for Greece.

Within pet food categories, dry products have the largest sales, though more of a range is seen here, from 56% in Great Britain to 93% in Greece. Not surprisingly, wet pet food takes 26% of sales in Great Britain with the rest made up by pet treat sales.

Platinum S.A. owns its own brand name of dry dog food, Munch! In, with valid trademark registration in Greece and 18 other EU countries, as well as a number of countries in Africa, South America, Asia, and Far Eastern countries. This is a high quality product manufactured in Greece through sustainable production methods.