Platinum SA would probably be the only Company which proceeded in investing into Greece in the year 2014 in midst of the peak of the financial crisis. Adding to this, most of the Greek Companies were in the process of withdrawing their investments or scaling down businesses. The observation of the team of Platinum SA was that there was a Phenomenal opportunity in the Country in the midst of all this crisis as the Greek market was thirsty for alternative cost effective brands for their requirement in various segments. As an added asset there was adequate availability of determined qualitative manpower that were willing to offer their best efforts due to the prevailing unemployment situation. This turned into the vision of Platinum SA which has a team of investors who have experience in various segments of business including Pharmaceuticals, Tyres/Automotive accessories/Batteries, FMCG and Pet Food to find alternative cost effective products in all these segments for Greek population. Hence the evolution of Platinum SA which was incorporated in the year December, 2014 and established into a full fledged operation by the end of the year 2015 with a team of young professionals. The ultimate goal and vision of Platinum SA is to grow the business to regional level and take these brands established in Greece to the rest of Balkans and also some of the Greek brands to the rest of the world.